Events at the Devil's Porridge Museum

Exhibitions at the Devil's Porridge Museum in 2020 are listed below. A booklet giving full detais of all events at the museum is available for downloading.

January 6th - April 1st
Annan Haaf Net exhibition:

a look at a unique method of fishing in the Solway dating back to Viking times

April 1st - May 17th
Dorothée Pullinger exhibition:

focusing on the life of the lady who made cars for ladies by ladies near Kirkcubright in the 1920s

May 17th - July 1st
Water at HM Factory Gretna exhibition:

15 million gallons of water were pumped a day for the Factory; find out how it was used in the processes and how rain and mists from the Solway impacted work in World War One

September 6th - October 4th
Model tanks from World War Two:

come and see dozens of different replica tanks on display

October 6th - December 13th
The Pearson Collection exhibition:

a collection of rarely seen photographs showing the building and processes of HM Factory Gretna