James Brown Booklet

James Brown Booklet cover

Following the exhibition on James Brown and Knockbrex earlier this year at the Mill on the Fleet, Gatehouse-of-Fleet, a very informative and well-produced booklet has just been published, entitled James Brown:A Businessman of Many Passions.

Fully illustrated throughout, it gives an account of the life and career of James Brown, from his Ayrshire origins to the opening of the Manchester department store  Affleck and Brown in1912, and including the rebuilding of Knockbrex House for the Brown family in 1900. Sections of the booklet also cover Brown's excavation and restoration of the Castle Haven 'dun', the building of Kirkandrews Kirk and the famous Corseyard Dairy or 'Coo Palace'.

Copies of he booklet, price £7.50 including postage, can be ordered through the Kirkandrews Kirk website by clicking on this link http://www.kirkandrews.org.uk/?post_type=product