Meetings 2018–19

All meetings, except except for those on 2 November 2018 and 23 March 2019, will be held on Friday evenings in the Cumberland Street Day Centre, Dumfries, at 7.30 pm. Enter via Brooms Road Car Park.

5 October 2018
Annual General Meeting

Nic Coombey, Solway Coastwise Co-ordinator, Solway Firth Partnership
Stories behind Dumfries and Galloway Coastal Place-names

19 October 2018
Prof Andy Ferguson, retired Professor of Freshwater Biology, Queens University, Belfast
Native Freshwater Fish in SW Scotland: impact of environmental changes

2 November 2018, 7.30 pm in St Andrew's Church Hall on Brooke Street (DG1 2JL)
Professor Sir Tom Devine, University of Edinburgh
Historical Amnesia and the Lowland Clearances

16 November 2018
Dr John Brennan
The History and Restoration of Barholm Castle

30 November 2018
James Williams Lecture

Dr Richard Jones, University of Glasgow
The Romans in SW Scotland: a view from geophysical survey


11 January 2019
Ian Wilson
Antarctica: in the wake of Shackleton

25 January 2019
Dr Jeremy Ganz, retired neurosurgeon
The Life and Contributions of James Hill, Surgeon in Dumfries

8 February 2019
John Maxwell
Policing Dumfries and Galloway

22 February 2019
Members' Night

8 March 2019
Ian and Carol Bainbridge, Rock Garden Society
The Mountain Plants of Scotland

23 March 2019
Saturday, 2.00 pm, in Castle Douglas Parish Church Hall, Queen Street, Castle Douglas

Dr Stephanie Johnstone
Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels