Truckell Prize 2016

Winner of Truckell Prize 2016The 2016 Truckell Prize was been won by Mr Gary Hutchison, a postgraduate student carrying out research for a PhD in the Dept of History, Classics and Archaeology at Edinburgh University. Mr Hutchison attended the Society’s meeting on Friday, 13 January 2017, to receive the award. The Society’s President, Dr Jeremy Brock, presented Mr Hutchison with the prize certificate and a cheque for £500.

Mr Hutchison won the award with a research paper entitled Wigtown Burghs, 1832–1868: A Rotten Burgh District? The Wigtown Burghs parliamentary constituency, comprised the burghs of Wigtown, Stranraer, Whithorn, and New Galloway from 1707 to 1885. Before 1832 it was under the control of the Earls of Galloway. Electoral politics in the constituency were significantly changed by the passing of the First Reform Act in 1832, but research shows that several critical factors continued to influence post-1832 politics locally. This calls into question the assertion that the Reform Act constituted a turning-point in Scottish and British political history. The paper will be published in the Society's Transactions and will be of particular interest to those interested in the political history of Wigtownshire.