John Wood's Town Plans and Pigot & Company's Directories

John Wood's detailed maps of the major towns and cities of Scotland are a useful source of information for a variety of purposes — genealogy, property ownership, town and building plans, placenames, etc.

Detailed lists for the following Dumfries and Galloway plans are now available.

The Pigot & Company directories of Dumfries and Maxwelltown for 1825–26 and 1837–38 give similar useful information.

A database of personal names and placenames found in these sources was compiled by James Williams and this can be accessed using the forms on the right.

For placenames the complete list is returned simply by selecting the required map or directory and clicking the 'Get list' button.

For personal names a search string is required. For example, entering 'j' will return information on all people with surname beginning with the letter J; entering 'jar' is probably enough to find all the Jardines; leaving the search string blank will get the full list for the map or directory chosen.

Digital images of the John Wood maps, and many others, are available on the National Library of Scotland's WebPage.

A list of the personal names on the Kilmarnock John Wood map of 1819 is available from Bruce Gray's WebPage.