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The Resort of All Amorous Couples

Tollhoude bokk cover

The Resort of All Married Couples is a new book by Alverie Weighill, the Society's Treasurer.

The book describes how Thomas Telford’s 1820 toll-house at Gretna came to be built and how it became part of Gretna’s infamous marriage trade. Based on original sources and contemporary accounts and placed in the context of nineteenth-century Gretna, it traces the house’s history from the turnpike and stagecoach era, through two World Wars, to its present role in the Gretna story.

Clish-Clash, the e-newsletter of the Scottish Local History Forum

Clish-Clash is the e-newsletter of the Scottish Local History Forum.

The newsletter gives recent and forthcoming news about activities in the local history community.

“Clish-clash” means “repeated gossip” in Scots, and the newsletter passes on information about local history activities.

The aim is to issue Clish-Clash bi-monthly, but this depends on the amount of information received from SLHF members and others.