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Merlin Fact and Fake: Conference and Field Trip

Behind the legend is a real historical figure who lived in the 6th century AD. How much of his story is true?

Discover also how Merlin and Arthur championed the ideals of changing times — Celtic independence, the creation of a British identity, decency over decadence, Jewish values, White supremacy, and the Aryan myth.

A leaflet giving full details is available for downloading, plius an application form for itending participents.

The Proudfoot Institute Moffat
18-19 April 2020

Events at the Devil's Porridge Museum

Exhibitions at the Devil's Porridge Museum in 2020 are listed below. A booklet giving full detais of all events at the museum is available for downloading.

January 6th - April 1st
Annan Haaf Net exhibition:

a look at a unique method of fishing in the Solway dating back to Viking times

April 1st - May 17th
Dorothée Pullinger exhibition:

focusing on the life of the lady who made cars for ladies by ladies near Kirkcubright in the 1920s

Clish-Clash, the e-newsletter of the Scottish Local History Forum

Clish-Clash is the e-newsletter of the Scottish Local History Forum.

The newsletter gives recent and forthcoming news about activities in the local history community.

“Clish-clash” means “repeated gossip” in Scots, and the newsletter passes on information about local history activities.

The aim is to issue Clish-Clash bi-monthly, but this depends on the amount of information received from SLHF members and others.