Robert H. McEwen

Secretary, TDGNHAS Editor

Obituary from TDGNHAS, Series III, Vol. XC, p.150

Bob McEwen, who died in November 2016 after a long illness, made an enormous contribution to the operation of DGNHAS for many years. Professionally he was Principal Teacher of Chemistry at Lockerbie Academy for most of his teaching career. He also gave long service to Dryfesdale Parish Church as an elder.

Bob joined our society in 1969 and became Honorary Secretary in 1982. In this post his superb administrative skills soon became evident. He was meticulous, hard-working and always very helpful.

In 1986 he became Secretary to the Ann Hill Research Bequest Committee which was set up to investigate the history and archaeology of Kirkpatrick Fleming Parish, and he continued in this post until his health began to fail.

After nine years of outstanding service he had to give up his duties as Honorary Secretary in 1991 because of the serious illness of his first wife. His work was taken over by two people, one as Secretary and the other as Membership Secretary. In recognition of his work, Council offered him Honorary Membership which he declined to accept.

In 2001 Bob was able to undertake the duties of Honorary Secretary once again and in 2002 he became Business Editor for the Transactions. In 2003 he became Joint Editor and continued in this position until 2009. Ill health led to his request to be relieved of his duties of Honorary Secretary in 2007.

In 2012 a slight alteration to Rule 10 of the Constitution meant that Bob was made a Fellow of DGNHAS in recognition of his dedicated work for the Society with thirteen years as Honorary Secretary. Never was an honour more richly deserved.

Bob had been a welcome assistant at various excavations carried out by Lionel Masters because of his enthusiasm and great physical strength.

Bob was the author of Glimpses of Old Lockerbie in the Dumfries and Galloway through the Lens series published by the Council Libraries, Information and Archives Service.

John H.D. Gair.

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