M.G. Cavers and A. Geddes with R. Engl, A. Heald, D. Masson, Scott Timpany and J. Robertson

Homesteads In West Galloway: Excavation at Airyolland, Mochrum, Wigtownshire

Archaeology (General), Iron Age

TDGNHAS Series III, 84 (2010), 19(3.44 MB)


Archaeological work began at the site of Airyolland I in 2004 when a detailed topographic survey was carried out by the authors. In 2006, the first season of exploratory excavation began at the site; two trenches were excavated in the interior and over the perimeter rampart. The results of this first season of work were promising, and although material culture was sparse with little in terms of artefactual evidence recovered, the two trenches excavated yielded well preserved evidence of the original construction of the site. A slot across the perimeter earthwork encountered a massive stone wall, around 3m in width and composed of two well-built faces retaining a rubble core. Excavation within the interior encountered ruinous remains of interior structures, incorporating large boulders as well as several pits or postholes relating to a stone walled building in the lower half of the site.