TDGNHAS Series III, Volume 93


Contents of this volume

Barwhill Revisited: Rethinking Old Interpretations through Integrated Survey Datasets
by Dave Cowley, Richard Jones, Giles Carey and Juliette Mitchell 9
The Battle of Loch Ryan Reconsidered
by Stuart McCulloch 27
The Flemings: Lords of Biggar and Cumbernauld and earls of Wigtown
by Charles L. Rigg 45
The Old Military Road from Gretna to Portpatrick
by Martin Allen 67
Rev. William Burnside’s Responses to Sir John Sinclair’s Queries for The Statistical Account of Scotland for the Town and Parish of Dumfries 12 January 1791
by Pauline Williams 93
Unwelcome Visitors? Sir Oswald Mosley and William Joyce in Dumfries 1934−5
by David Dutton 103

Addenda Antiquaria
Two Animal Carvings from Torrs Cave, Kirkcudbright
by John Pickin and David F. Devereux 119

A–Z of Dumfries: Places – People – History by Mary Smith and Keith Kirk.
Ralph Coleman. 126

Lionel James Masters (1942−2019) 128
Roger James Mercer (1944−2018) 129

Conference Proceedings
A Celebration of the Crichton: Past Present and Future 130

Society Proceedings 140