TDGNHAS Series III, Volume 95


Contents of this volume

The Common Intertidal Flora and Fauna of the Dumfries and Galloway Coast
by James W.M. Logan 1
Some Recent Finds of Early Medieval Metalwork from Wamphray, Dumfriesshire
by Caroline Paterson 15
The Muirheads, the Shaws, and Tongland Abbey: A Preliminary Consideration
by Alan James 29
The Lost Wells of Galloway: A Volunteer Research Project into the Sacredness of the Everyday
by Claire Williamson 37
Niall Macpherson: Dumfriesshire’s Last Liberal MP?
by David Dutton 63

Addenda Antiquaria
The Ann Hill Research Committee – A Concluding Report
By John H.D. Gair 85

The Resort of All Amorous Couples: Thomas Telford’s Toll-house at Alison’s Bank, Gretna by V.E. Weighill.
Elaine Kennedy. 88
Something to Build On – The Co-operative Movement in Dumfries 1847–1914
by Ian Gasse.
Jeanette Brock. 90

John W. (Jack) Hunter (1933–2021) 94

Society Proceedings 95