TDGNHAS Series III, Volume 96


Contents of this volume

1 A Pre-Millennial History of Recording Water Beetles in Dumfries and Galloway, VCs 72–74 by Garth N. Foster
27 Changing Climates, Environments and People in Galloway from the Last Glaciation to the Galloway Hoard by Richard Tipping
41 Burnt Mounds at Annan by Kenneth Green,
with contributions by Diane Alldritt, Iraia Arabaolaza and Torben Ballin
61 Who Was Old King Cole? And What is the Significance of the Answer for the History of ‘The Old British North’? – Part One by Philip Thornhill
81 James Little’s Summer Holiday in Germany, 1939 by David Dutton
87 The British Restaurant, Dumfries by Pauline Williams,
with reminiscences of the restaurant by John H.D. Gair

101 Dunragit – the Prehistoric Heart of Galloway by Warren Bailie. John Pickin.
Galloway: The Lost Province of Gaelic Scotland edited by Michael Ansell, Ronald Black and Edward J. Cowan. Alan G. James.
Mobbings, Struggles and Strikes – Episodes in the History of the Organised Working Class of Dumfries 1771–1914 by Ian Gasse. Jeanette Brock.

116 Notice of Publication

118 Obituaries
Alex Anderson (1929–2022)
Professor E.J. (Ted) Cowan, (1944–2022)

120 Conference Proceedings
The Early Peoples of Galloway. A one-day conference held at the CatStrand, New Galloway, 3 September 2022.

122 Society Proceedings