Wood Places, Dumfries & Maxwelltown, 1819

The modern location of the place is given in parentheses.

Academy (Academy Street) Dumfries
Note: Cross-hatched building

Academy Street (Academy Street) Dumfries

Albany Place (Albany Place) Dumfries

Annan old road (Annan Road) Dumfries

Antiburger Chapel (Loreburn Street) Dumfries

Assembly Rooms (Assembly Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'l' and shown as a cross-hatched building on south side of street

Assembly Street (Assembly Street) Dumfries

Bank House (Rotchell Park) Maxwelltown

Bank of Scotland (Bank Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'g' Corner of Bank Street & Irish Street

Bank Street (Bank Street) Dumfries

Barn Slaps (Barnslaps) Dumfries

Baxter's Close (New Abbey Road) Maxwelltown
Note: Junction of New Abbey Road and Laurieknowe

Brewery Street (Brewery Street) Dumfries

Bridewell (Buccleuch Street) Dumfries
Note: Compound on south side of Buccleuch Street at corner with St David Street - most of buildings (four) cross-hatched.

British Linen Company's Bank (High Street) Dumfries
Note: coded 'f'

Buccleugh Street (Buccleuch Street) Dumfries

Burger Chapel (Buccleuch Street) Dumfries

Burns Street (Burns' Street) Dumfries

Castle Street (Castle Street) Dumfries

Castledykes (Glencaple Road) Dumfries

Caul Dumfries
Note: Across River Nith - with downstream end leading into lade of the [Dumfries] Town's Mill on the west bank of the river.

Causeyland (Cassalands) Maxwelltown

Causeyland Toll (Cassalands) Maxwelltown

Causeylands (Cassalands) Maxwelltown

Charlotte Street (Charlotte Street) Dumfries
Note: Shown as broken lines

Church Place (Church Place) Dumfries

Church Street (Church Street) Maxwelltown

Clerk Hill (Clerkhill) Dumfries

College Street (College Street) Maxwelltown

Corbelly Hill Maxwelltown
Note: Shown as a hill without structures

Court House (Buccleuch Street) Dumfries

Cresswell Dumfries

Crest, The - (High Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'o'

Custom House (Shakespeare Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'i'. Shakespeare Street

David Street (David Street) Maxwelltown

Dock Promenade, The - Dumfries

Dock Well Dumfries
Note: South-west corner of Poorhouse property

Duke of Queensberry's Monument (Queensberry Square) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'b'

Dun & Thompson's Timber Yard (Whitesands) Dumfries

English Street (English Street) Dumfries

Episcopal Chapel (Buccleuch Street) Dumfries
Note: Un-named but shown as Cross-hatched building at the corner of Buccleuch Street and Castle Street

Fish Cross (High Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'e'

Flesh Market (Loreburn Street) Dumfries
Note: Shown on 'New Flesh Market Street'

Fleshmarket Street, New - (Loreburn Street) Dumfries

Fleshmarket Street, Old - (Queensberry Street) Dumfries

Foundary (College Street) Maxwelltown

Friars Vennel (Friars Vennel) Dumfries

Galloway Street (Galloway Street) Maxwelltown

George Inn (High Street) Dumfries
Note: Geo Inn' - Close off High Street - shown as cross-hatched building

George Street (George Street) Dumfries
Note: Shown as broken lines

Glasgow Street (Glasgow Street) Maxwelltown

Glebe (Barnslaps) Dumfries

Glebe (Troqueer Road) Maxwelltown
Note: Land between church and manse

Green Sands (Greensands) Dumfries

Greyfriar's Street (Greyfriars Street) Dumfries

Harbour, Intended - (Kingholm Road) Dumfries
Note: Kingholm road

Haugh Yards (Brewery Street) Dumfries

High Street (High Street) Dumfries

Hinning Street (King Street) Maxwelltown
Note: Proposed street

Hollybush, Annan Old Road Dumfries

House of Correction, Old - (English Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'p'

Howgate Street (Howgate Street) Maxwelltown

Howgate Street (Howgate Street) Maxwelltown

Independent Chapel (Irish Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'm'

Infirmary (Nithbank) Dumfries

Infirmary Park (Nithbank) Dumfries

Irish Street (Irish Street) Dumfries

Jail (Glasgow Street) Maxwelltown

Jail, Buccleugh Street (Buccleuch Street) Dumfries
Note: Cross-hatched building

King Street (Great King Street) Dumfries

King's Arms Inn (High Street) Dumfries

Lower Burn Street (Loreburn Street) Dumfries

Maggybroach Well Maxwelltown
Note: West bank of River Nith adjacent to Market Street

Manse, Antiburger Chapel (Loreburn Street) Dumfries

Manse, Relief Chapel - (Loreburn Street) Dumfries

Manse, St Michael's (St Michael's Street) Dumfries

Market Street (Market Street) Maxwelltown

Market. Proposed new - (Loreburn Street) Dumfries
Note: Between Loreburn Street and Queensberry St.

Mary Holm Maxwelltown

Mausoleum (St Michael's Churchyard) Dumfries

Methodist Chapel (Queen Street) Dumfries
Note: Cross-hatched building

Mickleraes Close (Loreburn Street) Dumfries
Note: Between Old Flesh Market Street & New Flesh Market Street

Mid Steeple (High Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'd'

Mill (Dumfries Town) (Mill Road) Maxwelltown

Mill Burn (Mill Burn) Dumfries

Mill Street (Mill Street) Dumfries

Millbank Maxwelltown

Mountain Hall (Bankend Road) Dumfries

New Bridge (Buccleuch Street Bridge) Dumfries

New Bridge Street (Newbridge Street) Dumfries

New Church (Church Place) Dumfries
Note: Cross-hatched building - Head of High Street

New Fleshmarket Street (Loreburn Street) Dumfries

Nith Place (Nith Place) Dumfries

Nith Street (Nith Street) Dumfries

Nithbank (Nithbank) Dumfries

Nithside (College Road) Maxwelltown

Nursery (Annan Road) Dumfries
Note: Mr Hood's Nurseries'

Old Bridge (Old Bridge) Dumfries

Old Bridge Street (Old Bridge Street) Maxwelltown

Old Church (St Michaels) (St Michael's Street) Dumfries
Note: Cross-hatched building

Old Road from Galloway (Maxwell Street) Maxwelltown

Palmerston (Terregles Street) Maxwelltown
Note: Off Terregles Street

Poors House (St Michael's Street) Dumfries

Post Office (Castle Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'a' Cross-hatched building

Proposed Street - David Street (David Street) Maxwelltown

Queen Street (Queen Street) Dumfries

Queensberry Square (Queensberry Square) Dumfries

Reading Rooms (High Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'h' High Street

Relief Chapel (Loreburn Street) Dumfries

Road Craigs (Craigs Road) Dumfries

Road to Carlavorack (Bankend Road) Dumfries

Road to Kelton (Glencaple Road) Dumfries

Road to the New Quay (Kingholm Road) Dumfries

Rochel (Rotchell Road) Maxwelltown

Roman Catholic Chapel (Shakespeare Street) Dumfries
Note: Cross-hatched building

Rope Work (Pilgrim's Way) Maxwelltown

Ryedale (Ryedale Road) Maxwelltown

Sands Ho[use] (Whitesands) Dumfries

Shakespeare Street (Shakespeare Street) Dumfries

Shortridge's Brewery (Old Bridge Street) Maxwelltown

Sommerville (Summerville) Maxwelltown

St Allan's Wells (St Michael's Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'n'

St Andrew's Street (St Andrew's Street) Dumfries

St Christopher's Chapel Ruins (English Street) Dumfries

St David's Street (St David Street) Dumfries

St Michael's Street (St Michael's Street) Dumfries

Stamp Office (Bank Street) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'k'

Tannery (Burns' Street) Dumfries

Terregles Street (Terregles Street) Maxwelltown

Theatre (Shakespeare Street) Dumfries
Note: Cross-hatched building

Thompson & Dun's Timber Yard (Whitesands) Dumfries

Timber Yard (Whitesands) Dumfries
Note: Whitesands - between Bank Street and Friars Vennel

Townhead (Academy Street) Dumfries

Townhead Street (Townhead Street) Dumfries

Trades, Society's Hall & Market Place (Queensberry Square) Dumfries
Note: Coded 'c'

Troqueer Church (Troqueer Road) Maxwelltown

Troqueer Holm Maxwelltown

Troqueer Manse (Troqueer Road) Maxwelltown

Troqueer Moat (Troqueer Road) Maxwelltown
Note: off Troqueer Road

True Lovers' walk (Lovers' Walk) Dumfries

Waterloo Street (Waterloo Street) Dumfries
Note: On Whitesands

Whitesands (Whitesands) Dumfries

Windmill (Church Street) Maxwelltown