Eric Kerr Adam


Obituary from Transactions, Series III, Vol. XLVI, p.185

The sudden and unexpected death on 29th July, 1969, of Mr Eric K. Adam in his 70th year has deprived the Society of one of its most efficient and energetic honorary treasurers. Even in the brief period since accepting office in October, 1966, Mr Adam had amply demonstrated his capacity and fitness for the onerous work involved and for safeguarding and promoting the interests of the Society, and we now mourn the loss of an exceptionally valuable, trustworthy and enthusiastic member of our Society and of our Council.

After graduating M.A. and B.Sc. (Engineering) at Glasgow University, Mr Adam completed training as a Civil Engineer and was duly admitted as an associate member of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Thereafter he undertook many large-scale works of civil engineering both at home and overseas before joining the Air Ministry Works Directorate during the last war, when he was responsible for the construction of Airfields and Aerodromes. Subsequently he transferred to the Ministry of Works and was engaged on the Spadeadam Rocket Establishment, Cumberland, until its abandonment in 1960. He then came to Dumfries, where he was a member of the staff of the Roads Department of Dumfries County Council until his retiral in December, 1965.

His generous service to this community during his stay here was acknowledged by the presence at a Memorial Service on 2nd August, 1969, at Laurieknowe Church, Dumfries, of representatives of each of the various bodies of which he was an active member.

The deepest sympathy of the Society is extended to his widow, Mrs Winifred Adam, who is also an esteemed Member.


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