Young Researcher Competition

This competition is designed to encourage youngsters to undertake research into their local heritage.

The competition is open to students in Years S4, S5, S6, or recent school leavers, who have not yet begun higher education. The aim is for the student to produce a research paper on any topic relating to the human history or natural environment of Dumfries and Galloway. Examples of this could be to research the career of a local historical figure, the history of a significant local building/monument, a study – perhaps a census – of local wildlife or the importance of an exhibit in one of the region’s museums. But this is only a guide and is by no means meant to restrict your choice.

A pdf file giving the Terms and Conditions of the competition is available for downloading.

Anyone wishing to enter the competition should complete the Registration Form which is available for downloading. The completed forms should be sent as email attachments to Closing dates for submission are given on the forms.

Registration form (54.11 KB)