Frank Miller, F.S.A. Scot.


Obituary from TDGNHAS Series III, Vol. XXIII, p.239

On 16th January, 1944, there passed away Frank Miller, who may he fittingly described as Father of the Society. He became a member in 1886, shortly after he had joined the staff of the Annan Branch of the Bank of Scotland. Best known to the public as the author of The Poets of Dumfriesshire, his contributions to our Transactions were numerous and valuable. He spared no pains to make them authoritative, and soon became recognised as one of the small scholarly band who helped the late Professor Child to bring to fruition his great work on Ballad Literature. This contact brought him into active co-operation with such outstanding figures as Dr. George Neilson and William M'Math, and he soon established for himself a definite niche amongst those who could speak with authority on Border Ballads. Most of his contributions to our Transactions were on this subject, and his work on Kinmont Willie was reprinted in Germany. One of his most useful works was a Bibliography of Annan. He had been founder of, and for 50 years secretary of, the Annan Literary Society, and when he retired was given a presentation and a public dinner, at which the then President of this Society paid a fitting tribute to his work. Gentle, unassuming, and modest in character, he sought nothing for himself, and when he was offered the Presidency of our Society only agreed under pressure to accept office for the year 1929–30. He bequeathed his library, his bookcases, and a legacy to the Society.


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