Mr John Neilson


Obituary from TDGNHAS, Series III, Vol. LXXXI, p.128

John Neilson was a member from of the Society from 1977 and Treasurer from 1989–1998. He was well known in many circles, a retired consultant surgeon who in his earlier days saw experience in the London Blitz, and after his retirement continued his support of the St. Andrew’s Ambulance Association. In his private life he was a keen supporter of the arts, being Secretary of the Guild of Players at the time of fund raising for the purchase of the Theatre Royal. He also found time to produce a number of plays including the first in the refurbished theatre. A great enthusiast for travel, he visited a large number of European countries and latterly the United States where he visited family and friends. He was a keen supporter of the Glasgow University extra mural classes and many hours were spent after the classes in discussion about facets of the arts where he made sure of including everyone in the conversations. After giving up as Treasurer he continued on the Council and took charge of the management of subscribers and business subscribers to the Transactions. A regular attender at Council meetings he gave freely of his wide knowledge and experience. He is sadly missed.

Kirkpatrick H. Dobie

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