The Dumfries to Stranraer Port Road railway line

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Alan Mclellan

steam train

When I retired Pamela and I bought a smalling in Dalbeattie and kept sheep and chickens. Then 2 years ago I was told I had advanced Prostate Cancer and had 18 months to live. This news would change my life.

So we had to sell the smallholding and move to a bungalow still in Dalbeattie. Because I was the outdoors type, I had do something, so I bought a video camera and thought I would walk the old Port Road line from Dumfries to Stranraer and film as I was walked.

As I walked many people came and talked to me with stories and photos and films.

Pamela said now make a Powerpoint show, which I did.

I am pleased to say that with all the treatment I had and the family support I am now stronger and keep fighting and living.