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Mervin Kontrovitz and Huw I. Griffiths

Ostracods from the Wet Moat at Caerlaverock Castle


TDGNHAS Series III, 83 (2009), 1(WARNING large file size: 5.11 MB)


Modern ostracods from the recently cleaned moat at Caerlaverock Castle present a
sequence that appears to reflect re-colonization, with Cypria ophtalmica (O.F. Muller,
1776) as the pioneering species. It is followed by Cyclocypris ovum (Jurine, 1820) and
Notodromas monacha (O.F. Muller, 1776), then Candona candida (O.F. Muller, 1776).
They are all hardy, eutrophic taxa common in freshwater to slightly brackish habitats. One
species, Xestoleberis sp., at the top of the sequence, is interpreted to be a contaminant from
the nearby marine environment.