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J. Brann

Update on Dumfries and Galloway Council Archaeology Service [Members' Night Lecture to the Society, 29th February 2008]

Proceedings, Archaeology (General), Prehistory (General)

TDGNHAS Series III, 82 (2008), 159(2.63 MB)


Since last speaking to the Society, major technical advances in the Sites and Monuments Record database and the use of a Geographic Information System have been made, facilitating electronic communication with the area planning offices and others. Key ar

J. Brann, N. Coombey and G. Stell

Glenstocken, Gutcher’s Isle, Colvend

Post-mediaeval archaeology, History, Architecture, Cartography

TDGNHAS Series III, 83 (2009), 91(WARNING large file size: 5.11 MB)


This article illuminates the history of a rare survival of a 17th century farmstead, variously known as ‘Glenstocken’, ‘Glenstocking’, and ‘Nether town of Glenstocking’, on the coast near Colvend and describes a project to consolidate the structure. The scheme was implemented by the National Scenic Area (NSA) project on behalf of the partners (Scottish Natural Heritage, Dumfries and Galloway Council and the East Stewartry Coast NSA Advisory Group).