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James Williams

Transactions and Proceedings 1868-75: The Society’s ‘Missing Years’


TDGNHAS Series III, 84 (2010), 139(3.44 MB)


The early history of the society was recorded by Sir Hugh Gladstone in his Presidential Address of 19122 – and indicates that the Society, having commenced in 1862, ran ‘in a prosperous condition till May 1875 when its meetings ceased’ . It was‘re-constituted’ in November 1876 and has continued to the present day. The published transactions do not provide any record of proceedings for the period from 1869 to 1875. In spite of two references by Gladstone there is a perception that nothing happened between 1869 and 1875 – and this apparent hiatus is re-inforced by the existence of two separate series of printed Transactions – from 1862-1869 and then 1876 to the present. The information gap from 1867-9 until 1874-5 can, however, be filled out to some extent by examining the various reports which appeared from time to time in the local press. The collating of these extracts is eased by an understanding that at this time in the Society’s history it was organised around having the first, or Annual General Meeting, of each session during the month of December: this was then usually followed by a further five ‘Winter Meetings’ finishing in May. Thereafter, there normally followed five monthly ‘Field Meetings’ until October. Such of these reports that can be found have been collated and the following pages are a summary of the Society’s activities during those ‘missing years’.


D. Gulland

Sundials and their History

Proceedings, Horology

TDGNHAS Series III, 82 (2008), 158(2.63 MB)


From earliest times mankind has used the movement of shadows produced by the apparent movement of the sun to reckon time and to determine the importance of daily and seasonal activities. Any device, which uses the direction of the shadow by the sun, or th


B. Unwin

Plants of Australia and New Zealand

Botany, Proceedings

TDGNHAS Series III, 82 (2008), 157(2.63 MB)


Mr Unwin took advantage of an organised group visit to the Antipodes to go plant-hunting in the South Island of New Zealand and Tasmania in 1996, since when he has made return visits to the latter. It was mid-summer with temperatures of 30 degrees C when


A. Sheridan

New Insights into the Neolithic of West and South West Scotland

Proceedings, Neolithic

TDGNHAS Series III, 82 (2008), 157(2.63 MB)


This talk covered the new information that has emerged about the early farming communities (4000-2500 BC) in this part of Scotland over the past 25 years. It emphasised the importance of Bill Cormack’s work in laying the foundations for what we know today


D. Patrick

Union of the Parliaments 1707-2007

Proceedings, History

TDGNHAS Series III, 82 (2008), 156(2.63 MB)


Since the 1960s the historiography of the Union has been dominated by those historians who believe it was achieved by means of corruption, English threats and the venality of Scots MPs, and on the other hand, those who have concentrated on Scotland’s de


P. Kirkland

Scottish and Bulgarian Butterflies

Proceedings, Entomology

TDGNHAS Series III, 82 (2008), 156(2.63 MB)


Mr Kirkland made a comment at the start of his talk that it might seem to be an odd title for his talk to link the butterflies of Scotland with those of Bulgaria. There were two main reasons for the choice. Firstly the contrast between the two countries