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Walter Newall and Moffat Baths (now Moffat Town Hall)

Parish History, Architecture

TDGNHAS Series III, 83 (2009), 239(WARNING large file size: 5.11 MB)


The pediment over the centre of Moffat Town Hall has a date of 1827, presumably when it was built, but without indication of a builder or architect. In 1996 the Transactions marked the centenary of Birrens excavations by James Barbour, architect, civil engineer and archaeologist in Dumfries. His architectural works include Moffat Baths, which, according to his plans, he altered in 1881 by adding a new entrance hall at the north side, a stage to the south and a Billiard Room at the rear. The bathrooms were also changed and an attendant’s flat included. There are two drawings by Barbour: one showing the proposed new Entrance Hall with a new passage to the Billiard Room at the northeast corner (RCAHMS – 072333). The second drawing omits the passage and shows a new entrance Lobby and W.C. to a larger Billiard Room. This drawing is more detailed and with the signatures of John Henry, P.Drummond & Son, J. Johnstone and Robert Proudfoot, apparently was executed after 1881 (RCAHMS -D7235-Moffat Baths No. 1). The Barbour drawings differentiate alterations and additions in a darker shade but it is not easy to be certain of the full extent of works and to deduce the shape of the Baths originally built (RCAHMS-D7234-Moffat Baths No 3).