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A. Wolffe

Walter Newall and Moffat Baths (now Moffat Town Hall)

Parish History, Architecture

TDGNHAS Series III, 83 (2009), 239(WARNING large file size: 5.11 MB)


The pediment over the centre of Moffat Town Hall has a date of 1827, presumably when it was built, but without indication of a builder or architect. In 1996 the Transactions marked the centenary of Birrens excavations by James Barbour, architect, civil engineer and archaeologist in Dumfries. His architectural works include Moffat Baths, which, according to his plans, he altered in 1881 by adding a new entrance hall at the north side, a stage to the south and a Billiard Room at the rear. The bathrooms were also changed and an attendant’s flat included. There are two drawings by Barbour: one showing the proposed new Entrance Hall with a new passage to the Billiard Room at the northeast corner (RCAHMS – 072333). The second drawing omits the passage and shows a new entrance Lobby and W.C. to a larger Billiard Room. This drawing is more detailed and with the signatures of John Henry, P.Drummond & Son, J. Johnstone and Robert Proudfoot, apparently was executed after 1881 (RCAHMS -D7235-Moffat Baths No. 1). The Barbour drawings differentiate alterations and additions in a darker shade but it is not easy to be certain of the full extent of works and to deduce the shape of the Baths originally built (RCAHMS-D7234-Moffat Baths No 3).


Alex Anderson and James Williams

Kirk Sessions as Bridge Builders – Lochfoot and Twynholm

Parish History, Architecture

TDGNHAS Series III, 83 (2009), 232(WARNING large file size: 5.11 MB)


Recent perusal of the Kirk Session Minutes of the Parish of Lochrutton has revealed an interesting record of one of the more unusual functions of that body – the building of a bridge across the Lochfoot Burn in 1740-41. This venture has been compared with a contemporaneous bridgebuilding exercise by the Kirk Session of Tynholm .


Jane Murray

The William McDowall Selby Collection

Genealogy, Archaeology (Non-British), Archaeology (General), Prehistory (General), Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Early Mediaeval, Roman and Romano British, Parish History, Antiquarian, Recent, Recent (Social)

TDGNHAS Series III, 79 (2005), 147(4.05 MB)


In 1946 a Miss Helen Selby brought into the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland a collection of artefacts gathered largely from local sources by her father, William McDowall Selby, and grandfather, Robert Bird Selby, who served successively as medi


D. Hextall

Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society

Early Mediaeval, Mediaeval, Post-mediaeval archaeology, Recent, Recent (Social), History, Parish History, Proceedings, Industrial Archaeology

TDGNHAS Series III, 78 (2004), 155(4.91 MB)


Summary of a lecture delivered to the Society on 16th January 2004 by Derek Hextall of the Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society. The society was set up in 1997. The society has developed several projects to mark the vast heritage of the parish. Cairn School


James Williams

Kirkcudbright: An Alphabetic Guide to its History (David R. Collin) A Review

Review, History, Parish History, Antiquarian, Recent, Recent (Social), Recent (Literature & Art), Folklore, Genealogy

TDGNHAS Series III, 78 (2004), 148(4.91 MB)


This volume is literally an alphabetic index of almost every aspect of the life, times and especially the people of Kirkcudbright. Although mainly covering the town of Kirkcudbright it also ranges over the countryside between Ross Island and Tongland.


James Williams

From Auchencairn to the Glenkens and Portpatrick: The Journal of David Gibson, 1814-43 (Innes Macleod) A Review

Recent, Recent (Social), Recent (Literature & Art), History, Parish History, Review

TDGNHAS Series III, 78 (2004), 148(4.91 MB)


Extracts and commentary from the Journal of David Gibson a baptist lay missionary who worked all over the south-west of Scotland - centred at Auchencairn. The author has used the volume to provide details of the background to the life and times of Gibson.


J.D. McClure

A Local Treasure-Trove: John Mactaggart's 'Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia'

Recent, Recent (Social), Recent (Literature & Art), Folklore, History, Parish History, Antiquarian, Etymology

TDGNHAS Series III, 78 (2004), 131(4.91 MB)


The distinquished tradition of Scots linguistic scholarship began long before the twentieth century and the advent of modern dialectology and lexicography. By far the greatest reference work on the Scots tongue to appear before this period, namely John Ja


C.E. Lowe

53 George Street, Whithorn: The Late Mediaeval Priory Gatehouse, together with a note on a Series of possible Ritual Marian Marks

Mediaeval, Post-mediaeval archaeology, Recent, Architecture, Parish History, Heraldry

TDGNHAS Series III, 78 (2004), 93(4.91 MB)


A programme of building recording survey was undertaken in connection with alterations to 53 George Street, Whithorn, a Listed Building. The building lies at the junction of Bruce Street and George Street and forms the north side of the pend that leads up


James Williams

Review - The Early Development of Dumfries from William I (1165-1214) till James III (1460-1488) by Inez Debaus

Archaeology (General), Prehistory (General), Mediaeval, Post-mediaeval archaeology, History, Parish History

TDGNHAS Series III, 76 (2002), 171(1.97 MB)


Review of a thesis for the degree of Licentiate in Archaeology at the Catholic University of leuven which was the result of practical work in the area under the guidance of A E Truckell. Copy available at the Dumfries Archive Centre


R. Toolis and C. Cavanagh with N. Crowley, C. Ellis and A. Duffy

The Burgh Ditch at Annan: an excavation at Butts Street, Annan

Parish History, Mediaeval, Post-mediaeval archaeology, Cartography, Roman and Romano British, Numismatics

TDGNHAS Series III, 76 (2002), 141(1.97 MB)


In 1998 AOC Archaeology Group conducted an archaeological evaluation on behalf of Safeway Stores plc in advance of the supermarket redevelopment of the livestock market on Butts Street in Annan. Of 18 trenches opened, 12 trenches revealed features cut int


Watt, J. Muir

William Galloway's Excavations at Whithorn, 1886-1897: Selections from Unpublished Correspondence in the Bute Muniments

Archaeology (General), Early Mediaeval, Mediaeval, Recent, Recent (Social), Recent (Literature & Art), Antiquarian, Parish History

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 133(1.92 MB)


The important excavations at Whithorn, carried out during the 1880s and 1890s under the patronage of the Third Marquess of Bute, were unpublished at the time of the death, in 1897, of the architect in charge, William Galloway. The only published record of