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Andrew Breeze

Brittonic Place-names from South-West Scotland, Pt. 3: Vindogara, Elvan Water; Monedamdereg; Troquhain and Tarelgin

Etymology, Geography, Roman and Romano British

TDGNHAS Series III, 76 (2002), 107(1.97 MB)


This paper, in a series of toponyms in south-west Scotland, discusses Ptolemy's Vindogara, Elvan Water near Wanlockhead, Tarelgin near Ayr and Troquhain near New Galloway, which have Brittonic names explicable as 'white ridge', 'salt stream', 'willow home


S.P. Halliday

Settlement, Territory and landscape: the later prehistoric landscape in the light of the Survey of Eastern Dumfriesshire

Quaternary geology, Geography, Prehistory (General), Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Romano British, Early Mediaeval, Mediaeval, Etymology

TDGNHAS Series III, 76 (2002), 91(1.97 MB)


This paper reviews the archaeological evidence for the organisation of the later prehistoric landscape that has emerged from work in the Border Counties over the last twenty years. It challenges any assumption that prehistoric farms and territories were d


J. Young and K. Bruce

Cannon-Nets; Their Use to capture birds during Migration Studies on the Solway Firth, Scotland

Zoology, Ornithology, Geography

TDGNHAS Series III, 76 (2002), 9(1.97 MB)


A history of the development of cannon-netting as a procedure to capture and ring birds as a part of migration studies on the Solway Firth. The equipment developed is described in in detail and the the paper is supplemented by statistics of birds captured


Andrew Breeze

Brittonic Place-names from South-West Scotland, Pt 2: Ptolemy's Abravannus, Locatrebe, Cumnock, Irvine and Water of Milk

Geography, Etymology, Roman and Romano British, Early Mediaeval

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 151(1.92 MB)


The Celtic place-names of south-west Scotland are a subject repaying investigation. This paper discusses five such names: Ptolemy's Abravannus, meaning 'very feeble one' and referring to Pilanton Burn, near Stranraer. A possible link between the Ravena Co