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William Fleming Cormack

William Fleming Cormack

William Fleming Cormack (1920–2002) — An Appreciation

W.F. Cormack at the Mesolithic site at Barsalloch

William Fleming Cormack (Bill) the second son of Mr and Mrs David Cormack was born...

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W.F. Cormack

Galloway - A Land Apart by Andrew McCulloch, Birlinn, Edinburgh, 2000. A Review

Review, Roman and Romano British, Prehistory (General), Early Mediaeval, Mediaeval, Recent, Recent (Social), History

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 188(1.92 MB)


A review of Andrew McCulloch's 'Galloway - A Land Apart'. This new work assesses the history of Galloway as it affected all social strata, through the fresh and unrestrained eyes of a historian at the end of the 20th century. McCulloch successfully incorp