R. Toolis

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R. Toolis and C. Cavanagh with N. Crowley, C. Ellis and A. Duffy

The Burgh Ditch at Annan: an excavation at Butts Street, Annan

Parish History, Mediaeval, Post-mediaeval archaeology, Cartography, Roman and Romano British, Numismatics

TDGNHAS Series III, 76 (2002), 141(1.97 MB)


In 1998 AOC Archaeology Group conducted an archaeological evaluation on behalf of Safeway Stores plc in advance of the supermarket redevelopment of the livestock market on Butts Street in Annan. Of 18 trenches opened, 12 trenches revealed features cut int

R. Toolis

Naked and Unarmoured: A Reassessment of the Role of the Galwegians at the Battle of the Standard

Mediaeval, History

TDGNHAS Series III, 78 (2004), 79(4.91 MB)


A re-assessment of the role of the Galwegians at the Battle of the Standard. Based upon an analysis of the various contemporary and later texts relating to the event - with comparative data from other sources.