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C.E. Lowe

53 George Street, Whithorn: The Late Mediaeval Priory Gatehouse, together with a note on a Series of possible Ritual Marian Marks

Mediaeval, Post-mediaeval archaeology, Recent, Architecture, Parish History, Heraldry

TDGNHAS Series III, 78 (2004), 93(4.91 MB)


A programme of building recording survey was undertaken in connection with alterations to 53 George Street, Whithorn, a Listed Building. The building lies at the junction of Bruce Street and George Street and forms the north side of the pend that leads up

W. Wright- Smith

A Botanical Tour in the Himalayas [Summary only]


TDGNHAS Series III, 12 (1924-25), 62(WARNING very large file size: 32.71 MB)


This lecture by the Professor of Botany in Edinburgh University dealt with tours in the country that lies behind Darjeeling, and including Sikkim and part of Tibet, undertaken in the years 1909 and 1910. It was illustrated by a series of remarkable lanter