TDGNHAS Series II, Volume 7

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J. Fingland

Exhibit of Linnaean Plants [Summary only]


TDGNHAS Series II, 7 (1890-91), 8(WARNING large file size: 6.77 MB)


Mr James Fingland, Thornhill sent for exhibition to the Society an extensive and beautifully mounted collection of plants, chiefly from continental countries and some from the northern states of America, which he had obtained through the Linnaean Exchange

P. Gray

Some Old Note-takers and Their Notes [Summary only]

Recent (Literature & Art)

TDGNHAS Series II, 7 (1890-91), 126(WARNING large file size: 6.77 MB)


In his paper Mr Gray succinctly analysed the contents of three booklets, describing respectively the countries and peoples of England, Holland, and Scotland. The book is ascribed to James Howell, the author of the celebrated 'Letters' (1596-1666).