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P. Kirkland

Scottish and Bulgarian Butterflies

Proceedings, Entomology

TDGNHAS Series III, 82 (2008), 156(2.63 MB)


Mr Kirkland made a comment at the start of his talk that it might seem to be an odd title for his talk to link the butterflies of Scotland with those of Bulgaria. There were two main reasons for the choice. Firstly the contrast between the two countries


B. Mearns

The Dragonflies and Damselflies breeding in Dumfries and Galloway 1975-2006

Entomology, Botany

TDGNHAS Series III, 81 (2007), 1(2.95 MB)


The Atlas of the dragonflies of Britain and Ireland (Merritt et al 1996) showed the distribution of thirteen breeding species in Dumfries and Galloway (D&G) for the period 1975-1990. Barbara Mearns began recording in 1993 and during the summers of 1993-20


A. Duncan

The Humble Bee [Summary only]

Zoology, Entomology

TDGNHAS Series III, 19 (1933-35), 53(WARNING very large file size: 50.85 MB)


Mr A. Duncan, Gilchristland, who has made an extensive study of this subject, gave a very interesting lecture on "The Humble Bee", illustrating his remarks by various specimens which he brought with him. As the lecture was in general terms with no local a


J. Aiken

Insect Enemies in Mesopotamia [Summary only]

Entomology, Recent (Social)

TDGNHAS Series III, 6 (1918-19), 48(WARNING very large file size: 54.31 MB)


This most interesting paper, which deserves a wider publicity, was contributed by the late Entomologist to the Forces in Mesopotamia. The author gave a full account of parasites which were disease and fever carriers, and the measures taken for their exter