TDGNHAS Series III, Volume 19

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L. Beattie

Modern Methods of Sea Fishing [Summary only]

Zoology, Agriculture

TDGNHAS Series III, 19 (1933-35), 30(WARNING very large file size: 50.85 MB)


A very interesting paper was contributed on this subject, dealing mainly with Mr Beattie's own experiences when accompanying the herring fishers of the Firth of Clyde and also with the boats fishing for hake, etc., from Fleetwood. For the first time in th

A. Duncan

The Humble Bee [Summary only]

Zoology, Entomology

TDGNHAS Series III, 19 (1933-35), 53(WARNING very large file size: 50.85 MB)


Mr A. Duncan, Gilchristland, who has made an extensive study of this subject, gave a very interesting lecture on "The Humble Bee", illustrating his remarks by various specimens which he brought with him. As the lecture was in general terms with no local a

R.K. Ferguson

Municipal and other Housing Schemes [Summary only]

Architecture, Recent, Recent (Social)

TDGNHAS Series III, 19 (1933-35), 205(WARNING very large file size: 50.85 MB)


Mr Ferguson gave illustrations of many mistakes made in Municipal and other Housing Schemes, and also of instances where new buildings had been suited to the surrounding landscape, and urged that trained architects should always be consulted in these matt

H. Johnston

The Migration of Birds


TDGNHAS Series III, 19 (1933-35), 276(WARNING very large file size: 50.85 MB)


Mr Johnston said the usual migrations were from N.E to S.W., but there were E. to W. migrations also though on a smaller scale. Migrations were always from a large land mass to a smaller, or from a large oceanic space to a smaller. Instances were given of