TDGNHAS Series III, Volume 75

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R.J. Mearns

Juniper, Juniperus Communis, in Dumfries and Galloway


TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 1(1.92 MB)


This paper presents the results of the first intensive survey of juniper in Dumfries and Galloway. A review of the historical literature showed that colonies had become extinct in the 19th century as well as in more recent times. A field survey carried ou

D.C. Cowley and K. Brophy

The Impact of Aerial Photography across the Lowlands of South-West Scotland

Prehistory (General), Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Romano British, Early Mediaeval

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 47(1.92 MB)


This paper reviews the results of aerial photographic recording of archaeological sites revealed by cropmarking in south-west Scotland. A consideration of patterns of visability and recovery provides a preamble to a review of the general trends this mater

A. Wilson

The Novantae and Romanization in Galloway

Roman and Romano British, Numismatics

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 73(1.92 MB)


Archaeological evidence indicates that at the time of the Roman conquest the Novantae were politically decentralized with a mixed farming economy augmented by crafts and light industry. Their economy would have adapted to Roman requirements and Roman infl

Watt, J. Muir

William Galloway's Excavations at Whithorn, 1886-1897: Selections from Unpublished Correspondence in the Bute Muniments

Archaeology (General), Early Mediaeval, Mediaeval, Recent, Recent (Social), Recent (Literature & Art), Antiquarian, Parish History

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 133(1.92 MB)


The important excavations at Whithorn, carried out during the 1880s and 1890s under the patronage of the Third Marquess of Bute, were unpublished at the time of the death, in 1897, of the architect in charge, William Galloway. The only published record of

Andrew Breeze

Brittonic Place-names from South-West Scotland, Pt 2: Ptolemy's Abravannus, Locatrebe, Cumnock, Irvine and Water of Milk

Geography, Etymology, Roman and Romano British, Early Mediaeval

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 151(1.92 MB)


The Celtic place-names of south-west Scotland are a subject repaying investigation. This paper discusses five such names: Ptolemy's Abravannus, meaning 'very feeble one' and referring to Pilanton Burn, near Stranraer. A possible link between the Ravena Co

G. Ewart

Dundrennan Abbey: Archaeological investigation within the south range of a Cistercian house in Kirkcudbrightshire

Early Mediaeval, Mediaeval, Post-mediaeval archaeology, Architecture

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 159(1.92 MB)


The remains of the south-west corner of the 12th-century Cistercian abbey cloister at Dundrennan (NX74924750) were cleared of rubble and 19th-century landscaping infill over four seasons of fieldwork. Elements of the Warming House, Novice's Day Room, Grea

A.E. Truckell

Some 17th century Custom and Excise Records for Dumfries and Kirkcudbright

Recent, Recent (Social), Genealogy, Geography

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 173(1.92 MB)


Summary article describing the contents of a series of microfilmed records relating to Dumfries and Kirkcudbright recently transcribed by A.E.Truckell - the records relate principally to the shipping, textile and droving trades. The transcripts have been

A.E. Truckell

The Stewartrie of Kirkcudbright Court Minutes 1670 and 1684

Genealogy, Recent, Recent (Social)

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 181(1.92 MB)


Full transcripts are provided of two Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Stewart Court Minutes. The earliest is dated March 1670 and took place at Dalbeattie and relates to an area from the western side of Kirkbean Parish (Torrorie), Preston, Mersehead in Southwic

R.H. Campbell

Autism in History: the Case of Hugh Blair of Borgue, Rab Houstan and Una Frith, Blackwell, Oxford, 2000. A Review

Recent, Recent (Social), Genealogy, Anthropology, Review

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 187(1.92 MB)


Review of 'Autism in History: the case of Hugh Blair of Borgue' - quotes voluminous evidence of a cross-section of People from Borgue who were cited to help a jury decide whether Blair was mentally incapable of giving informed assent to his marriage to th

James Williams

The Bell Family in Dumfriesshire by James Steuart, Vol 2 of The Records of the Western Marches series, Scotpress, Morgantown, WV26505, USA. A Review

Genealogy, Mediaeval, Recent, Recent (Social), Review

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 187(1.92 MB)


Review of a reprint of James Steuart's 'The Bell Family in Dumfriesshire' which was orginally published in 1932 as Vol. 2 of the 'Records of the Western Marches' series of this Society. Provides full accounts of all the major branches of the Bell Family i

W.F. Cormack

Galloway - A Land Apart by Andrew McCulloch, Birlinn, Edinburgh, 2000. A Review

Review, Roman and Romano British, Prehistory (General), Early Mediaeval, Mediaeval, Recent, Recent (Social), History

TDGNHAS Series III, 75 (2001), 188(1.92 MB)


A review of Andrew McCulloch's 'Galloway - A Land Apart'. This new work assesses the history of Galloway as it affected all social strata, through the fresh and unrestrained eyes of a historian at the end of the 20th century. McCulloch successfully incorp