TDGNHAS Series II, Volume 20

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J.W. Gregory

Gold Mines and Gold Mining [Summary only]

Mineralogy, Geology

TDGNHAS Series II, 20 (1907-08), 35(WARNING large file size: 9.27 MB)


In this lecture, which was illustrated by a number of lantern slides, Profesor Gregory gave a full description of the geology, etc., of gold-bearing strata in Australia, etc., together with the characteristics of the same; how the mines were operated; and

J. Robison

Old Mortality in Kirkcudbright [Summary only]

Recent, Recent (Social), Genealogy

TDGNHAS Series II, 20 (1907-08), 157(WARNING large file size: 9.27 MB)


A short paper was then read by the Secretay from Mr J Robison, Kirkcudbright, which detailed some incidents in the life of Robert Paterson, supposed to be 'Old Mortality'. The first incident was Paterson's petitioning the St. Cuthbert's Lodge of Freemason