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J.D. McClure

A Local Treasure-Trove: John Mactaggart's 'Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia'

Recent, Recent (Social), Recent (Literature & Art), Folklore, History, Parish History, Antiquarian, Etymology

TDGNHAS Series III, 78 (2004), 131(4.91 MB)


The distinquished tradition of Scots linguistic scholarship began long before the twentieth century and the advent of modern dialectology and lexicography. By far the greatest reference work on the Scots tongue to appear before this period, namely John Ja

Derek Hall

‘A Loop in the Forth is Worth an Earldom in the North’ — The Rediscovery of Scotland's Monastic Landscapes: Monastic Granges in Dumfriesshire and Galloway

TDGNHAS Series III, 83 (2009), 55(WARNING large file size: 5.11 MB)