TDGNHAS Series III, Volume 89

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Contents of this volume

The 2015 Dumfriesshire Rookery Census: Including comparisons with the surveys of 1908, 1921, 1963, 1973, 1975, 1993, 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2010
by L.R. Griffin, D. Skilling, R.T. Smith and J.G. Young 9
Iron Age Settlement Patterns in Galloway
by Ronan Toolis 17
Tongland Fish House and the Tongland Salmon Fishery
by David F. Devereux and John Pickin 35
The Alleged Parish of Irving, Dumfriesshire
by James M. Irvine 55
Rev. John Semple of Carsphairn
by David Bartholomew 69
The Dumfries and Galloway Enlightenment
by Edward J. Cowan 75
The Lovely Nelly or: The History of St John’s Island Lot 52: 1767–1777
by Frances Wilkins 103
John Heathcoat’s Steam Plough
by Martin Allen 123
John Rutherford, Society Member and Photographer of Scenes in Dumfries
by Morag Williams 129
A Changing Parish: Kirkpatrick Fleming from the 1930s to 2013
by Alastair B. Duncan 169

Addenda Antiquaria
A Real Spy-Hunt in the Galloway Hills
by Mike Jacob 199

Tales from the Baseline, a History of Dumfries Lawn Tennis Club by David Dutton.
A.A.Fairn 202
The Border Towers of Scotland 2: Their Evolution and Architecture by Alastair M.T. Maxwell-Irving. Morag Williams 203
Ghosts in White Flannels: The History of Dumfries Cricket Club by William Sturgeon.
David Dutton 204
A Neolithic Ceremonial Complex in Galloway – excavations at Dunragit and Droughduil, 1999–2002 by Julian Thomas.
John Pickin 206

Sheila Honey (1941–2014) 212
Jane Brann (1958–2014) 212
Marion Stewart (1942–2015) 213
Proceedings 216